Our Field Trials Team just crossed the country to reach the master class hosted by prof. Giuseppe Lucarelli in Matera on the Nematodes: depending on its species, a nematode may be beneficial or detrimental to plant health.

The event was an intensive meeting that covered:

  • Biologycal cycles of Nematodes
  • Sampling techniques, data collection and analysis
  • Test procedures
  • Test followup and control
  • Usefull apps and data programs

The proper knowledge and management of microbial and animal species may represent a usefull biological tool that can help protecting crops without the necessity of massive consumption of PPPs: our Field test team is co-operating increasingly through these years with our Microbiological unit due to the increasing demand of test on Biological products based on Microorganisms to ensure a more eco-friendly and safe management of the agricoltural products.