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Efficacy Biocides

Over the last years, BioTecnologie BT is focused and specialized in efficacy tests to support label claims of the biocidal products.

Efficacy Biocides

Main Group I-Disinfectants (PT1-PT5)

Disinfectant products are intended for the control of microorganisms as bacteria, fungi, viruses, algae and protozoa.
The control action may be carried out on surfaces or on skin or in liquids. Disinfectants are used in medical, veterinary, food, feed and drinking water areas, in public, commercial and industrial  sites.
Label claims should state target organisms, areas of use, sites and methods of application.
Based on the recommended tiered approach,  BioTecnologie BT can carry out the following  efficacy tests, in compliance with GLP, according to OECD, CEN ed ISO harmonized methods:

– Phase 1
Quantitative suspension tests to assess if a product (or an active substance) has bactericidal/sporicidal/
fungicidal/yeasticidal activity regardless the specific conditions of use.

– Phase 2- step 1
Laboratory suspension tests aimed to set the concentrations at which the product meets specified criteria under “in-use” conditions of temperature, contact time, presence of interfering substances, etc…
Once known the correlation between concentration and contact time, it follows:

– Phase 2-step 2
Simulated use tests replicate the real-life conditions in laboratory and are carryied out to check if the proposed use dilution is likely to be adequate in real-life conditions.

Main Group III-Pest control (PT18 and PT19)
Data from laboratory studies, well-designed simulated-use laboratory tests or field studies are used to assess product efficacy for the intended use or uses at the claimed doses by comparing them with the specific criteria.
The evaluation takes into account the target pest or pests to be controlled, indoor or outdoor use, the application method/s and rates, the product use patterns and shel-life, along with other specific label claims.
BioTecnologie BT expertise consist in laboratory and simulted-use tests on:

Crawling insects

Cockroaches: Blattella germanica, Periplaneta americana
Laboratory tests: no choice test, determination of residual efficacy, palatability test with bait products and simulated-use studies Ants: Lasius niger
Laboratory tests: screening studies for direct spray or general surface treatments, palatability test with bait products  simulated-use studies
Termites: Reticulitermes lucifugus
Laboratory/screening tests: no-choice test, transfer test and choice test/palatability test

Flying insects

Flies: Musca domestica
Laboratory tests on adults: direct spray or general surface treatments and laboratory tests on larvae
Simulated-use studies in a 20 m3 test chamber (air exchange, control of humidity and temperature conditions)
Mosquitoes: Culex pipiens
Laboratory tests on adults: direct spray or general surface treatments and laboratory tests on larvae
Space-treatment simulated-use tests in a 20 m3 test chamber (air exchange, control of humidity and temperature conditions) and surface-treatment simulated-use tests

All the tests are performed according to available and relevant CEB, ASTM, OECD, SABS, WHO methods or are based on custom-designed protocols.

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