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5 Batches analysis

5 Batches analysis

The well-trained staff of the CROs has experienced in 5 batches analysis over the years, having tested the following substances:

Chemicals and their metabolites/impurities
» Organophosphorus
» Organochlorine
» Halogenated hydrocarbons
» Naturals (Pyrethrins)
» Mineral oils (associated with the active substances)
» Carbamates
» Sulfur compounds
» Copper compounds
» Phenoxyacetic acid derivatives
» Diazines and triazines
» Urea-based compounds
» Compounds with rodenticide action (Bromadiolone, Chlorophacinone, Coumachlor)
» Compounds with acaricide action (organic substances sulfur or nitrogen-based)
» PGRs (Gibberellic acid)

Microbiologicals and their metabolites
» Bacteria
» Fungi
» Yeast
» Virus
» Peptides
» Lipopeptides
» Enzymes

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Scientific Contact

Stefano Paronuzzi
E-mail: sparonuzzi@biotecnologiebt.it
Phone: +39 0371 4662700

Business Contact

Katy Lazzari
E-mail: klazzari@biotecnologiebt.it
Phone: +39 075 895 0045 – Ext. 246

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