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Efficacy screening

Data from screening tests, concerning the biological activity and the set of product and active substance concentrations, provide further information for the evaluation of a Plant Protection Products.
BioTecnologie BT gained skill, over the years, in carrying out laboratory and greenhouse screening tests of biological and chemical products against plant pests, phytopatogenic fungi and bacteria.

Efficacy screening

Also other product types as Herbicides, Fertilizers and Biostimulants are tested in greenhouse screenings.
Depending on countries regulatory requirements, tests may be performed in compliance with GLP.
Laboratory screening against phytopatogenic fungi and bacteria are carried out or via inclusion of the test substance in growth medium either by direct contact between the test substance and the target.

Efficacy screening

Laboratory screening against plant pests (eggs, larvae and adults) can be done by bioassay on artificial diet.
BioTecnologie BT has dedicated glasshouses and climatic chambers for the greenhouse screening test.

Greenhouse tests include many crops/target combinations and different types of product applications, such as calibrated spray equipment, and controlled conditions of humidity, temperature and light.
The Company has a wide  collection of insectsfungi and bacteria and further it is able to obtain, at any time, the specific targets of interest.
Together with the Clients, BioTecnologie BT can develop experimental designs tailored to their needs.

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