OECD TG 208: Terrestrial Plant Test: Seedling Emergence-Seedling Growth test

Seeds from at least 6 plant species, are exposed to the test substance, either incorporated into the soil or sprayed to the soil surface by appropriate carrier, to assess the effects on seedling emergence and on early growth of higher plants. Seedling emergence and mortality are assessed at 14 and 21 days after the emergence of seedlings in the untreated control group has reached 50%. The fresh shoot weight is measured at the end of the test (21 days).

Seeds belonging to different plant families of dicotyledonae and monocotyledonae including among others: Brassica napusLycopersicon esculentumBeta vulgarisRaphanus sativus, Lactuca sativaHordeum vulgare and Lolium perenne.


Range finding test for each plant species includes at least 3 concentrations of the test substance and 1 untreated control.
Limit test for each plant species is carried out with 1 concentration of the test substance and 1 untreated control.
Rate-response test for  each plant species includes 5 concentrations of the test substance and 1 untreated control.
Based on plant species used, for each test substance concentration and for the untreated control, 6/12 replicates with 4/2 seeds each one are required.

Analytical check
Stock solution is checked for test substance concentration/rate using an analytical  method validated according to SANCO/3029/99 rev. 4 guidance document.

Emergence %: ERx and NOER at the end of the test.
Mortality: LRx and NOER at the end of the test.
Biomass as fresh shoot weight: ERx and NOER at the end of the test.
Phytotoxicity:  visual assessment at the end of the test.
Study includes GLP management and reporting.

OECD Guideline fo Testing of Chemicals, No. 208 (19th July 2006) – Terrestrial plant test: seedling emergence and seedling growth test.
SANCO/3029/99 rev. 4 (11/07/2000) – Residues: guidance for generating and reporting methods of analysis in support of pre-registration data requirements for Annex II (Part A, section 4) and Annex III (Part A, section 5) of Directive 91/414.


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