On October 09, 2017, three new OECD Test Guidelines were published (oecd-guidelines-for-the-testing-of-chemicals-section-2-effects-on-biotic-systems).

  • Test No. 245: Honey Bee (Apis Mellifera L.), Chronic Oral Toxicity Test (10-Day Feeding)
  • Test No. 246: Bumblebee, Acute Contact Toxicity Test
  • Test No. 247: Bumblebee, Acute Oral Toxicity Test

BioTecnologie BT has actively taken part to the research and the international ring tests for the validation of the protocols that led to these new OECD guidelines.

For details on our tests, please contact our Terrestrial Ecotoxicology Head Mrs. Monica Colli to: mcolli@biotecnologiebt.it