Environmental fate

Chemical substances introduced in the environment, such as Plant Protection Products (PPPs), undergo many processes that spread them among the environmental compartments and modify their structure:
soil and leaves erosion from the wind, adsorption from soil particles and the uptake from plant roots, microbial and chemical degradation in the soil and in the water, volatilization from leaves and soil surface, leaching to groundwaters, run-off from soil surface, photodegradation.

It is necessary to address the fate of the substances in the different environmental compartments (soil,  water and air), their availability to plants and animals and their potential for bioaccumulation in the organisms.
Data on fate and behaviour should allow an evaluation of the substance persistence in the environment and later they should be used to assess the risk to the non target organisms, the non target plants and the succeeding crops which will be exposed to PPPs, its active substance, metabolites, degradation and transformation products of the active substance.
The expert staff of BioTecnologie BT has the most advanced analytical equipment to run environmental fate tests: LC MS/MS, UPLC MS/MS, LC DAD UV-VIS/Fluorescence, ICP MS, GC MS, GC MS/MS, GC FID/µECD.
The studies are GLP compliant and the experimental designs reflect the most updated OECD testing guidelines.

Fate and behaviour in soil

Fate and behaviour in water and sediments

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