BioTecnologie B.T. - Glp (Good Laboratory Practices) for Agrochemical, and Biocides.
BioTecnologie B.T.

Biotecnologie BT

Located in Pantalla of Todi, Perugia – Central Italy, experienced staff with degrees in Chemistry, Biology, Agronomy, Natural Sciences. This Test Facility is specialized in environmental impact assessment of agrochemicals, chemical and biological products, veterinary medicinal products, biocides.

It has developed a strong internal know-how to evaluate, in laboratory and in greenhouse, the efficacy of different types of products vs different targets.

This lab was authorized to work in GLP by Italian Ministry of Health since 2005 and carries out the following full range of activities:

  • Terrestrial and aquatic ecotoxicological studies
  • Physical–chemical properties
  • Environmental fate and behaviour studies
  • Analytical methods
  • Microbiological studies
  • Laboratory and greenhouse screening
  • Biocides Studies


Biotecnologie B.T. Srl
Frazione Pantalla di Todi - 06059 Perugia - Italy

Capitale sociale € 115.000 i.v.
R.E.A. PG n° 213930
Registro Imprese di Perugia
C.F. e P. IVA 02384950545



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